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learning! play! one in the same 


building blocks 

speculating a partnership with the La Yeguada community in Panama in using scrap pine from local shipping pallet production, these blocks were developed as an exploration of how open-ended play by means of building blocks can be used to contribute to space-making.  

a-z color & emotion book prototype

scrap mdf & birch plywood. 


an interactive book that engages young folks to learn and think aboutthe English alphabet, 

colors, and emotions. this book would include a collection of wooden panels that convey 26 correlating colors, names, and images respectively. panels are to be mixed and matched in a 2 x 2 frame. 


inspired by Montessori sandpaper letter boards utilized to teach writing, the emotion and color name panels use similar materials and gestures to encourage an exploration of how words are written. mounted on the wall, this book lends itself as a decorative and interactive home object. 


future iterations will explore use different types of wood, scale, and imaging style. 


mobility project : classroom
spring 2020
in collaboration w/ emma cali and keyana alambeladi

how can early educational experiences be more engaging and empowering for young students? these pliable blocks and forms are to be used to create unique setups fit for any lesson, redefining what a productive classroom setting looks like. 

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